Corey Shields


If Hannalore is the wind behind Boston for the Dogs, then Corey is the windmill. With 4 years of canine handling under his belt, Corey joined Boston for the Dogs as a co-operator and part owner in 2016. Corey brings the tranquility of experience running a business and dog handling to the Boston for the Dogs Family.  He has a background in basic obedience training but his real gift lies in his calm approach. He has a knack for house training puppies and dogs of all demeanors fall for him.  He has successfully fostered multiple rescue dogs and is able to assist families in their transition to dog ownership with his patient approach. Corey is able to meet the needs of multiple dogs simultaneously and creatively seeks new adventures for his clients leaving your pets happy and tired at the end of the day.  

Gian Gonzalez


Gian has been a loyal employee of Boston for the Dogs since 2013. Inspired by the success he was able to achieve with the help of Hannalore in training his own skiddish pup, Gian brings his ever-positive attitude and winning smile to the team. This gentle, calm demeanor coupled with a strong presence gives him the edge over timid and untrusting dogs allowing him to diffuse tense situations with grace. Everyone (both dogs and people alike) inevitably fall for his smile and he is able to handle some of the most challenging pups with ease, assisting them in gaining confidence to be their best selves. The end result is a great day for the pack and owners who can rest easy.

Melisa Gorash 

Melissa joined Boston for the Dogs motivated by one simple desire, to spend more time with animals. A natural caregiver, Melissa is a loving mother who uses her inherent nurturing skills to charm and comfort even the shyest of the pack. She has experience bathing furry friends and her sweet demeanor leaves her clients feeling safe and confident that their pups are in great hands.

Melissas is also helping us launch our Boston for the Cats branch for all your Kitty needs! 

Kaela O'Connell



Coming Soon!