Meet your team:


Hannalore Tice, Owner

Boston for the Dogs is the brainchild of Hannalore, born out of a lifetime of loving and caring for animals. She brings an unparalleled passion and devotion to her business marked by an unconditional, unapologetic, fierce love for each dog.

She is an active member of the Roslindale community and her social media content cultivates a family atmosphere and network of dog lovers.

With a background apprenticing with various trainers, Hannalore has gained a skillset of basic obedience to match her love of all breeds.  She is continuously adapting her services to meet the diverse needs of her clientele, and is willing to work with you to best serve your dog. By personally scheduling each dog, Hannalore is able to evaluate and modify each plan to provide the most reliable, loving pet service tailored to each client.

When not hanging out with your dogs, Hannalore enjoys craft beer, hiking and spending time with the BFTD family.

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Corey Shields, Owner

If Hannalore is the wind behind Boston for the Dogs, then Corey is the windmill. With 4 years of canine handling under his belt, Corey joined Boston for the Dogs as a co-operator and part owner in 2016.  He has a background in basic obedience training but his real gift lies in his calm approach that makes both humans and dogs feel comfortable. He has a knack for house training puppies and dogs and has successfully fostered multiple rescue dogs.

Corey offers a patient, understanding approach to everything he does and loves assisting families in their transition to dog ownership. Corey loves working with large breed dogs, and a knack for dealing wish some of our most difficult cases. Dogs come home after Corey's hikes feeling happy and exhausted, which is a delight to both dog and human.

Corey enjoys craft beer, shoe shopping, history and charcuterie.


Kaela O'Connell, Walker + Office Assistant

Kaela is the newest member of the Boston for the Dogs team and we're so glad to have her. She has extensive experience working in doggy daycare as well as boarding dogs. In addition to her dog handling skills, Kaela has a Bachelor's Degree in Business Administration and a Masters Degree in Management from Mt. Ida College. This unique blend of skills makes her an asset in the field as well as in the home office. When not hanging out with her dog Ziggy, Kaela loves exploring Boston's food scene.


Gian Gonzalez, Walker

Gian was the first employee of Boston for the Dogs, and joined the pack in 2013. Inspired by the success he achieved (with the help of Hannalore) in training his own skittish pup, Gian brings his ever-positive attitude to help dogs be their best selves. His gentle, calm demeanor coupled with a strong presence gives him the edge over timid and untrusting dogs, allowing him to diffuse tense situations with grace.

Everyone (both dogs and humans) inevitably falls for his quiet confidence and winning smile. Gian is able to handle some of the most challenging pups with ease, assisting them in gaining  the confidence and skills they need to succeed.


Jason York, Walker

Originally from Delaware, Jason moved north to Massachusetts in 2005 and hasn't looked back. Jason grew up taking care of dogs, and his love of dogs is very apparent. His laid back vibe brings a certain calm to dog handling, and he's always eager to learn new things.

When not working with dogs, Jason finds time to write. He has seven romance novellas on Amazon (Under J.H.York) and has written three movie screenplays. As of August 2017 he has a children's book and a psychological thriller novel in the editing phase. He lives in Quincy and is an avid beach goer.  


Melissa Gorash, Walker

Melissa has strong passion for working with dogs and cats of all breeds. Her family background (she is a mother of 3 bright girls, a wife of over 20 years and has five fur babies) gives her a strong motherly instinct that creates a safe, calm, and empowering environment for dogs of all temperaments.

Melissa brings a bright light to the company and hopes to continue to grow alongside the BFTD family as a handler, walker, and overall human being.


Jake Torres, Walker

Jake has a long history of working with dogs, having joined BFTD after managing a pack of 100+ dogs at a doggy daycare. He's been walking dogs for over five years, and has experience with dogs of all breeds and sizes. His favorite part about working with dogs is their unconditional love and their ability to cheer you up. Jake's vibrant nature and willingness to always help out make him an asset to the team.  In fact, he loves the community so much, he recently moved to Roslindale to continue his growth and development as part of the BFTD family.