About Boston for the Dogs:

At Boston for the Dogs, we pride ourselves in our dedication to and understanding of dogs. It’s not simply about taking your dog for a walk; it’s about getting to know and understand each dog. When you work with us, you become part of the Boston for the Dogs Pack, a community of dog lovers and advocates . We understand the importance of addressing  each dog's specific needs and mold our style to the needs of each dog and play group. Boston for the Dogs isn't just about the dogs, it's also about the community we create, the Boston for the Dogs family.  

We are an ALL BREEDS company, and do our best with working with dogs off all behaviors, backgrounds and schedules! 


About Hannalore:

Hannalore, the pack leader, has done extensive work with rescue dogs, is dedicated to Pitbull advocacy and Breed Specific Legislation (BSL) awareness.  She has a three dog pack of her own, two pitbull type dogs, Marshall and Layla as well as a little mini dachshund, Lola, also known as the Queen.